About Us

Marketing is broken – we want to fix it

Brinna founders Kajsa Ericson, Maria Cheadle, Maisa Korhonen

Conversion rates in digital marketing are ridiculously low. Also, only 15% of people attribute an advertisment to the correct sender brand. We’re here to fix this.

We start by solving the most pressing problem: good quality ad versioning with speed. And we do this in tools that marketing professionals already love and use. Our next solution: tools to help marketers stay on brand.

Delivering the best solutions in marketing

Our core values

People first
Bringing joy to the table is our thing, because happy people do great things.
Excellence is our way of life. When we make mistakes, we learn from them.
Disagree and commit? You bet. Agility and open-mindedness keep us ahead of the curve.
Personal Accountability
We’re accountable for what we do, whether it’s with our team or our customers.
Honesty, transparency, and doing right by each other and by our customers are non-negotiables.

Our team

Co-founder and CEO

Co-founder and CTO

Co-founder and COO

UI/UX Designer

Software Developer

Software Developer


Our Brand – Brinna

The English word brand exists in the same writing format in the Swedish language. But in Swedish, brand means fire. Which led to the Swedish verb for burning – brinna.

There is also a connection between burning and branding. Branding began (approx around 2 700 BCE) with the practice of cattle owners marking their stock with the owner’s sign by using a heated iron.

In addition, we think that Brinna has a nice Scandinavian sound and vibe. We hope you agree.