Cross-Platform Consistency: a Marketer’s Cheat Sheet

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Cross-platform consistency means your digital assets need to be consistent, too. Consistency is actually crucial for your brand’s credibility and success.

Learn tips from the experts like Byron Sharp, Les Binet, and Peter Field. These will keep your brand shining bright everywhere.

But first, why is consistency important. Marketing maestros like Sharp and Field say having consistent brand assets helps people remember you when they’re ready to buy.

Therefore, let’s start by talking about some strategies how to be consistent.

5 Strategies to Cross-Platform Consistency

  • Craft a brand style guide: Start with a brand guide. It is your blueprint for consistency. It details everything from colour schemes and typography to the tone of voice and imagery style. It’s the essence of your brand’s look and feel. All of this indorsed by Sharp himself.
  • Go responsive: Embrace responsive design to ensure your digital assets render beautifully across all devices. Responsive design secures smooth brand experience across all gadgets. 
  • Tailor-make for platforms: Meeting the unique demands of each platform is a strategy that aligns with Peter Field’s emphasis on context in advertising effectiveness. Tweak your content for each platform. But make sure you’re not losing your brand’s essence.
  • Check-up time: Regular audits across platforms ensure alignment with your brand guidelines and marketing objectives. Just as Sharp likes it.
  • Team tune-up: Get everyone on the same page! Also in line with the whole consistency theme, it all start with the team.

To summarize, brand and cross-platform consistency isn’t just about looking good. It’s about making sure every brand interaction sticks in people’s minds. This will make your brand unforgettable.

Who are Sharp, Binet and Field?

Finally, a few words about the marketing experts quoted above. As we think they know what they are talking about. Also when it comes to cross-platform consistency.

  • Byron Sharp: Marketing guru known for his research on brand growth. In addition, the importance of distinctiveness is something he often talks about.
  • Les Binet: Renowned marketing effectiveness expert. Les is recognized for his work on long-term brand building, as well as the integration of digital and traditional marketing channels.
  • Peter Field: Advertising effectiveness expert. He is famous for his research on the impact of brand consistency and emotional advertising on business success.

We at Brinna help you in both in strategies and tactics when it comes to marketing and digital asset creation. We’re here to help you create cross-platform consistency!

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